Fine Art

The original paintings by artist Kristine Provenza are available for purchase or as fine art reproductions. Please contact Kristine direct at 808-852-8532 for pricing and inquiries.

“When The Fog Lifts”

When you are in the fog it can feel gloomy and isolating but when you rise above, it is incredibly beautiful.  The rolling hills are one of the things that I love about Northern California, but they could also represent the ups and downs we’ve all experienced in our lives and especially over these past two years.  No matter how gray the day is, when the skies open up in a palette of turquoise, pink, orange and gold it makes me breathe deeply and enjoy the solitude.   Sunsets have always represented hope to me, as the most beautiful ones can occur after a rainy day.
– Kristine Provenza


About the Artist

Kristine Provenza was born on Vancouver Island where she started doing portraits in pastels at the age of fourteen. By nineteen she had been accepted into many juried shows and been honored with awards for “The Captain” a portrait in pastel and “The Resident” an oil portrait.


A professional artist for over 30 years, Kristine now lives on the beautiful Island of Oahu and has been sharing with the world the essence and spirit of Hawaii's people and their paradise since the late 1980's. She is well known throughout the Islands of Hawaii where her paintings have been in art galleries for more than three decades. She had her own gallery in Waikiki from 2014 until March 2020 when the hotel closed. In search of the “silver lining” Kristine is stretching her wings to bring her artwork to people of California which will allow her to spend more time with two of her children who live there.


Kristine is most famous for her breathtaking work in watercolor and has been honored with awards for many pieces in this medium. Over the years Kristine has also won awards for her work in pastels, oils and acrylics, including multiple “Best of Show” with the Federation of Canadian Artists, Hawaii Watercolor Society, Hawaii Artists and Haleiwa Arts Festival.


She loves the freedom you have and the texture you can attain working with acrylics. Her paintings in her Wave and Abstract Series are strong, bright, vibrant and powerful. Her outstanding work is showcased in both corporate and private collections around the globe.